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Buying, Selling and Transferring a Book with Rights

Pre-ordered editions which are not yet published

If you are selling: We do not track or monitor aftermarket sales of our editions, nor do we “police” the sale of our editions on the aftermarket; however, if you choose to sell our most recently announced book, then number or letter rights should transfer to the new owner because rights follow the physical book. As the seller, if you choose to sell the book without rights, then this should be clearly stated to the buyer so that they are aware.

IMPORTANT: Rights cannot be sold independently without the sale of a book. When a book is sold “with rights”, the book must be sold and shipped to the buyer.

If you are buying: As a buyer, the only way we can know if a book was sold to you, and thereby transfer rights to you, is when a transfer form is submitted by the seller. The form should only be submitted by the seller, and not the buyer (unless you are in posession of the book.)

Rights should follow the book, meaning if acquiring rights to the next book is important to you, then it is your responbsibility to read the listing and make sure that the seller is selling the book with rights, and that the seller submits the transfer form.

Editions that are already published

If you are in possession of a Suntup Editions Numbered, Lettered and/or Roman Numeral publication which you did not purchase directly from Suntup Editions, and you wish to transfer the designation into your name, then you should submit the Buyer Designation Transfer Form. Once the form is processed, the Designation Search database will be updated.

Misery by Stephen King

For those who own a Numbered or Lettered edition of Misery by Stephen King, If Suntup Editions publishes another Stephen King book in the future, you will not lose your matching rights if you choose to pass on any non-Stephen King book.

Because this edition has already been published, and it exists on a separate “rights” track; then possession rules. The fact that rights follow the physical book means that if you have purchased a copy of Misery, you have the right to submit the buyer form thereby registering as the owner of record, even if the seller tells you that the book is being sold without rights.

Part 3: The Matching Pre-Order.

Updated on January 18, 2023

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