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How do I acquire and retain rights to a Suntup Editions publication?

Suntup Editions sells books using a “Matching Rights” system. Before a new title opens up for public pre-order, owners of the most recently announced title are given an opportunity to place their order two days before the public pre-order. This system grew out of requests from customers who wanted to match their number and/or letter to the next publication.

Our definition of “rights.”

The ability to purchase the next book and match the number or letter to the previous book. Taking it further, having “rights” to a book simply means that you will be included in the Matching Pre-Order email that is sent to owners of the previous book, thereby providing you with the opportunity to purchase the new book before it opens up for public pre-order.

Acquiring Rights

Rights to the next publication are acquired when you either purchase the most recently announced edition directly from Suntup Editions, or you purchase it from the current owner, and that person transfers the rights to you using the Seller Transfer Form. The transfer must take place before the book opens up for public pre-order.

The only time when rights will not transfer from the current book to the next book, is if your designation does not fall within the total print run of the next book. For example, if you are designated number 251 and the next book has a limitation of 250, then you could not match to that title. We will automatically match you to the next run that is greater than 250.

Retaining Rights

Rights remain with the physical book, and only apply to the most recently announced edition, or to Misery by Stephen King. If you own the latest Numbered or Lettered edition that Suntup Editions has announced, we will match your number and/or letter to the next release, provided you place your order during the Matching Pre-Order.

In order to maintain these rights, each book must be purchased sequentially in the order in which they are announced. An exception to this rule is if there are fluctuations in print runs.

Due to fluctuations in limitation between titles, the matching may be to your last designation or to the designation you have the most. Lettered designations are guaranteed provided you place your order during the Matching Pre-Order. If you pass on the new release, you relinquish rights to that number or letter for future releases.

We recommend you read Part 2 of this article which covers buying, selling and transferring rights.

Updated on January 13, 2021

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