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How We Pack Book Orders

Ever since our first published book, we have packed orders in custom cut foam inserts. It is important to know that only preorders are packed with the foam inserts. The foam takes up a great deal of space, and these inserts are ordered based on how many preorders are received. If a book sells out completely during the preorder period, then all orders will ship with the foam. If a book has not sold out, depending on how many copies are left after the book is released, we may not pre-pack all remaining copies in foam.

In that case, we pack books in a bubble bag, which is then wrapped and sealed in a while book mailer, and that mailer is then packed into a brown shipping box. This is considered to be double-boxed for added protection. We do not use packing peanuts. No matter whether we use foam, or the bubble bag/while mailer, we cannot guard against damage from mishandling by the carriers in totality.

If you receive a book which is damaged during shipment, please contact us and we will replace it. Please be sure to include photos of the damage.

There is one exception to this rule for books that are not preorders. Sometimes we may have an extra foam insert on hand which was over from a run, or from a return and if an order is received at a time when we have these extra inserts, then we would use it to pack the order.

Updated on February 9, 2024

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