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Is there a limit to how many copies of a book I can order?

Due to the highly limited nature of our Lettered and Numbered editions, in order to be fair to our customers who are interested in purchasing a copy, there is an order limit of one copy per household and/or per person. In addition, Matching Pre-Order rights will only apply to one letter and/or number per household and/or per person. If you purchase one or more additional copies of the current Lettered or Numbered edition on the secondary market, you can only match the next release to one of those copies.

Any order received during the Matching Pre-Order for more than one copy of a Lettered or Numbered edition will be cancelled.

Grandfather Rule:

If you were the registered owner of two copies of a Numbered edition prior to July 1, 2020, you will be considered “grandfathered” and may purchase no more than two copies of the next release during the Matching Pre-Order.

This rule is designed to make it as fair as possible for customers who wish to own a copy of our books. The rule may be subject to change for increased print runs.

Updated on July 1, 2020

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