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Are scars on the leather of my book considered a defect?

We source the finest, high-grade bookbinding leathers for covering our editions. During their lifetime, animals may come into contact with various objects that can cut the skin. This results in visible scars on the surface of the leather. It is also possible that the leather may have naturally occurring wrinkles or blemishes. Although our bookbinders do their best to utilize cuts which have no visible markings, it is possible for these markings to be present on our editions.

We do not consider this to be a defect, but rather something which adds character to the edition. Instead of seeing an “imperfection”, we embrace the leather for what it is: a natural and beautiful material. However if you feel the scarring is excessive on your copy, please send us a picture for review. Our standard 7-Day Return Policy applies.

Ultimately, we cannot guarantee that every leather bound copy of every edition we create will be entirely free of scarring. Seeking total and absolute perfection in these handcrafted books can result in disappointment.

Updated on June 16, 2023

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