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Partial.ly Installment Payments

We offer an interest free installment option on pre-orders through Partial.ly. This is only available for customers outside the USA, and is not available for books which are in stock or are in the fulfillment process. A minimum cart value of $450 is required to qualify.

If you reside within the USA, we offer installment payments through ShopPay or Affirm.

Click the Partial.ly button in your shopping cart during checkout as shown below:

This option will allow you to pay off your purchase over 4 months, and there is a 5% processing fee. If the button does not display, then it is likely that you are visiting the website from the USA, and the product does not qualify for Partial.ly installments. You should select one of the Affirm options in that case.

How do I update my Credit Card at Partial.ly

If you need to update you card for any reason, login to your Partial.ly account here:


This link has instructions on how to update your card if needed:


If your payment plan has defaulted due to multiple failed attempts to bill your card, please login to update your card details, and then contact Partial.ly customer support so that they can reopen your plan.

What happens if I default on my Partial.ly installment plan?

If an installment plan for a pre-ordered book is defaulted as a result of numerous failed attempts to charge the credit card on file, you will have 1 week to reinstate the plan and make the next payment. If this is not done, the order will be cancelled and the books on the order will be sold. A refund will be issued for any payments made, less a 20% default fee, which includes the 5% non-refundable fee.

If one or more of your installment plans default due to non-payment, you may not make any future purchases using the installment option. If you place a new order using the installment option and you have an existing installment in default status, the order will be cancelled, and your down payment will be refunded less a 20% default fee, which includes the 5% non-refundable fee.

Updated on June 14, 2024

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